Putting My Brand Together

My current online locations: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Online locations I plan to add: LinkedIn

My brand

 My current online brand is not incredibly exciting. I do not put my current online locations to use like I could. I check each of my social media sites daily, posting to one of them an average of once a week. I created each of these sites several years ago for the purposes of entertainment and staying connected with friends. There is nothing inappropriate about any of my sites, but there is also nothing about them that would assist me as a professional. Instagram lets the world into my social life and Pinterest shows a few of my interests.

Getting the word out

Step one for me is to set up an account on LinkedIn. This would portray me online as a professional and give potential employers a look at my past work and experiences. LinkedIn is also one of the first links to turn up when a persons name is Googled. I need to begin using my existing accounts on a regular basis in order to get the world out.


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2 thoughts on “Putting My Brand Together

  1. jacilynbruns says:

    Anna, I totally relate to what you said! I don’t have anything fancy about me on my social media that would attract employers, but that’s why I want to make a LinkedIn sometime!

  2. Margaret Meisinger says:

    Anna, definitely a good idea to get a LinkedIn. Good luck!

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